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The premium air purifier with the highest performance in the range and one of the quietest devices on the market with a noise level of only 24 dB!

9 cleaning steps, safe UV lamp, NANOE + ionization. The air purifier was certified at the N.N. A.A. Smorodintseva, who confirmed that the air purifier is capable of trapping viruses that provoke ARVI and Covid-19.

In the Smart-auto mode, the purifier independently analyzes and adapts to the parameters of the air in the room – it selects the power, the type of cleaning. A sensitive individual setting of the mode, power, timing and additional functions is provided. There is a Child Lock mode, with it you can leave the air cleaner in the nursery without fear that the child will knock the settings or accidentally turn it off.

Akira Technology cares about the environment – the energy efficiency class of the air cleaner is A ++.

Ideal for an office, house or apartment – serviced area – 350 sq.m. The package includes a remote control that will allow you to control the purifier from any part of the room.

Hypoallergenic materials, high strength ABS plastic, tempered glass. Ergonomic design blends harmoniously with any interior.

<24 dB
350 m2
1100 m3\h
ISS silver
Compact size
Modern design
Individual customization
Hepa filter
Light indication
Interferes with viruses
Child mode
Description of the air cleaner

Service area – up to 350 m2

3 operating modes to choose from: “Moisturizing”, “Purifying” and “Moisturizing” + “Purifying”

HYBRID filter

12-hour timer for turning the device on and off

Built-in AUTO, SLEEP and manual parameter selection

Germicidal air treatment function with built-in UV lamp

Automatic shutdown at low water level

Instrument status indicator (cleaning, changing accessories)

Light-sensitive touch display with room light sensor

Remote control included

Silver ion disinfection rod (ISS)

  • primary strainer
  • antibacterial coarse filter CR PreMax Filter F8 (S) A
  • HyperHEPA antibacterial filter
  • carbon filter
  • photocatalytic filter
  • UV-sterilization
  • evaporative filter with antibacterial impregnation
Maximum air cleaning performance (CADR)
1100 m3\h
4D air circulation
4D Auto Air
Speed and intensity of work
Класс HEPA-фильтра
- Air purification - Humidification - UV sterilization - Antibacterial mode - Air ionization
Noise level
24 dB
Electronic control
Panel + remote control
- Power and operating mode - Air pollution - Replacing and cleaning filters - Water level
Air sterilization performance
450 m3\h
- Child protection - Automatic mode - Timer - Setting individual modes (time, power, additional. Functions)
Serviced area
up to 350 m2
Noise reduction system
Energy efficiency class
Professional air humidification

Humidification occurs due to the passage of a stream of air through all air filters, the purified air passes through an evaporative filter, which is additionally impregnated with an antibacterial composition to destroy pathogens. This traditional type of dampening eliminates the formation of white deposits on surfaces.

The optimum humidity in the room is 40-60%. The higher the air flow rate, the more intense and faster the air is saturated with moisture.

Professional air purification

The climate complex is based on a multi-stage filtration system. Once in the device, air passes through the primary mesh filter, antibacterial pre-filter CR PreMax Filter F8 (S) A, Antibacterial HyperHEPA filter (medical grade H12), carbon filter, photocatalytic filter, evaporative filter with antibacterial impregnation. The system allows you to effectively clean the air from viruses, dust, allergens, pet hair, dust mites and other microparticles. Record indoor air handling area: 350 m2

Reduced noise level

In BABY mode, the complex turns on the fan speeds from 1 to 4 and increases the air humidity to 60%. This indicator is ideal for a nursery, since it is recommended to maintain a higher air humidity in rooms where babies and young children are located. The fan runs so quietly that the baby monitor does not respond to it.

prevents the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses

Thanks to UV-sterilization, the device kills up to 99% of all known viruses and bacteria. Confirmed by clinical trials.

Built-in child mode

When this mode is selected, the air flow rate is automatically controlled, the humidification level is maintained at an optimal level of 55-60%, the noise level is reduced to no more than 24 dB.


The informative display of the complex displays all the necessary information: operating modes, quality of air purity, fan speed, current and set humidity in the room.